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Jeanne Young

Award Winning Producer, Actor, Entrepreneur

Career: 2005 - Present 

Known for: Free Byrd, Infinity Project, The Rogues of Flats Oaks, Streets, Breathe, Critical Affair, My Name Was Peter, Road Tribe Warriors, Our Last Resort, Lacuna, The Cato Twelve, The Nostradamus Mission...

Lynnalia Wilkes_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Lynnalia Wilkes

Award Winning Producer, Director, Entrepreneur

Career: 2000 - Present 

Known for: My Name Was Peter, Road Tribe Warriors, Our Last Resort, Critical Affair, Lacuna, The Cato Twelve, The Nostradamus Mission...

Matthew Roberts_edited.jpg

Matthew Bryant Roberts

Award Winning Producer, Writer, Co-Director, Actor, Owner

Career: 1986 - Present 

Known for: Transcendent Realms, Ipswich, Eternal, Scarlet, Wicked, Nephew the Fallen, Between the Veils, California Dreaming, Bayou, Behind the Bronze Door, When Autumn Leaves Fall, Fabulous, Jack The Ripper, Death Watch, DC Comics Firestorm, Broadway Baby Musical,

 My Own Sense of Normal 

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Robert Dalva

Award WinningAmerican Film Editor, Director, Cinematographer

Career: 2000 - Present 

Known for: The Black Stallion, Jumanji, Jurassic Park III and Hidalgo, Heist, Captain America: The First Avenger, Star Wars; Ep IV A New Hope,, Raising Cain, October Sky, and The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. In addition to editing, he also directed movies including The Black Stallion Returns. Wikipedia


Manuel Fernandez

Writer, Actor

Career: 2000 - Present 

Known for: The Many Faces of Chaos, The Ballpark, Forgotten Memories, Devonwood, Guards, Animal Detectives, Arbitrium, Crazy Covid Love, The Final Decision, Blood Skulls & Chrome, King Street...

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